Sleep Calculator

        Sleep is very important, and without it, we couldn't function properly. Sleep is essential for most bodily functions. As well as cognitive functions. These are some of the effects of sleep deficiency.

        Sleep is important because our brains use the time to repair and create new pathways to store information. Sleep also plays a role in learning. Without it, you will have a hard time recalling information as well as learning skills.

        Also, studies show that sleep deficiency alters the way our brains act. If you're sleep deficient you will have trouble making decisions, your problem solving will suffer, it will be harder to cope with change, and ect. Overall sleep is vital for our emotional and mental wellbeing.

        Sleep deficiency also affects physical health. It affects the healing of your heart and blood vessels. This can lead to increased risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. It also affects weight loss and people with sleep deficiency usually have a higher risk of obesity.

        There are many other disadvantages of sleep deficiency, such as blood sugar levels and micro sleep these give you all the reason to sleep at a reasonable time. Never set a bad bedtime or you will feel the consequences.