Beating Heart Health

About Us

Beating Heart Health was designed to help people like yourself get info on what you need to live healthily.

We also made this as part of a competetion for the Congressional App Challenge. We all contributed to the app development.

Tyler (aka. Me to the left) did the writing and research, Torin (the one in the middle) helped with a little bit of everything, and finally Andrew (on the right) wrote the code for the app.

Also, we must put more credit where credit is due.
Thank you so much to the following people / groups of people:

All the people who submitted compliments

Mrs. Khan for giving us time in class to work on this app

Carmel Fiamo, who gave us great insight into the design of the app

LAKEY INSPIRED, BOUE, lukrembo, prod.riddiman, and S N U G for the amazing music used in our music player

Erick Arbe for thebedtime calculator

Thank you all SO MUCH! This project wouldn't have been possible without your contributions.

Questions about our app? Comments? Concerns? Contact Andrew at [email protected]
See a list of our updates to the app!